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What are the minimum requirements for FHA / HUD financing of a manufactured home ?

Manufactured/Mobile HomeThe following is a list of some of the more significant requirements for a property to be eligible for FHA / HUD insured financing.

  • Must not have been constructed before June 15, 1976
  • Must be at least 400 square feet
  • Built and remains on a permanent chassis
  • Designed to be used as a dwelling, with a permanent foundation, built to FHA criteria
  • Site must be served by permanent water and sewer
  • An all-weather roadway must serve the site
  • The entire property must be taxed as real estate
  • The towing hitch or running gear must have been removed
  • No part of the finished grade level under the home is below the 100-year flood level

There are numerous other appraisal inspection requirement, documentations and certifications required. Nexus Analytix™ appraisers have experience and/or are trained to appraise manufactured and mobile homes. See information on appraisal services of manufactured, mobile and park model homes.

Nexus Analytix™ can provide appraisal services of both fee simple (on deeded land) and personal property (leased lot in park) manufactured and mobile homes. Please contact our offices at, Phone: (856) 985-0008 or by e-mail.


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