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June 2009: The Condominium Project Approval Process has been changed by government agencies. Please contact Nexus Analytix™ at, Phone: (856) 985-0008 or e-mail to learn more about the changes until this website can be updated.

Builder Project Approval ServicesEnd buyer financing for new construction, especially condominium (condo) units, can be difficult. This can be a more daunting task when financing options are limited. A builder willing to increase the financing options on a condominium project can increase their market share and absorption. Obtaining project approvals from FHA / HUD, VA, Fannie Mae® and Freddie Mac can assist the builder by accomplishing their marketing goals.

Nexus Analytix™ has built program offerings to provide our builder clients with condominium project approval services. Builder benefits include:

  • Increase market share
  • Greater marketing options
  • Increase in pool of qualified buyers
  • Faster market absorption
  • Superior appeal for resale

Nexus Analytix™ can help builders with a broad array of Condominium (Condo) Project Approval Services:

  • Fannie Mae® and Freddie Mac Condominium (Condo) Project Approvals
  • FHA/HUD Condominium (Condo) Approvals
  • USDA Farm Service Condominium Project Approvals
  • VA Condominium Project Approvals USDA
  • Condominium Spot Approvals FHA / HUD (availability ends February 01, 2010)
  • Affirmative Fair Housing Plans Click to see the demo video for the Project Tracking Nexus
  • Master Appraisals for Condominium (Condo) Project Approval 
    • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Master Appraisal Reports
    • FHA / HUD Master Appraisal Reports (MAR)
    • VA Master Certificates of Reasonable Value (MCRV)
  • Fannie Mae®, Freddie Mac, FHA / HUD and VA PUD Approvals

Additional Builder Services include:

  • Builder Certification Programs (FHA / HUD, VA)
  • Construction Exhibit Packages Preparation

We can custom tailor a program to suit our builder and lender client needs to assure a low pressure approval process for their condominium projects and builder approval requirements.  Please fell free to contact Nexus Analytix™ at, Phone: (856) 985-0008 or e-mail to discuss our builders services.


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