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How is the Gross Living Area (GLA) of a home calculated?

Gross Living Area (GLA) CalculationThe following general rules are used when estimating the Gross Living Area of a residential property.

  • Measurement should be made around the exterior of the home, at the point above the foundation.
  • The contours of the house should be measured and calculated as part of the GLA.
  • Each level or floor of a dwelling is included in the measurements.
  • Two story foyers, vaulted areas and two story family rooms are not to be included in the calculations. These features are considered in the Quality of Construction.
  • Basement areas, partially or completely below grade, are not included in the living area. However, their contributions to value are considered as part of basement areas.
  • Garage areas are not included in living area. A garage area converted to living area with proper permits, municipal approvals and heated would be included in the gross living area.
  • Enclosed porches, that are heated, are included in the living area when they are finished to a level similar to the balance of the house, and is accepted by the market. Otherwise, these areas are given value as base on the contribution to value.
  • Attic areas must be heated and finished similar to the other areas of the home to be included in the living area. The calculation is based on the usable area having a minimum wall height of five feet.

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