Home Appraisal FAQs - Appraisals What is a Data Plate for a manufactured (mobile) home?
What is a Data Plate for a manufactured (mobile) home?

The Data Plate is a paper label affixed inside the manufactured (mobile) home and is located in a kitchen cabinet, an electrical panel, or a bedroom closet. The Data Plate will contain the following information:

(a) the name and address of the manufacturing plant in which the home was manufactured,

(b) the serial numbers and model designation, and the date the unit was manufactured,

(c) a statement which references that the home was built in accordance to the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards,

(d) a list of the certification label number(s),

(e) a list of factory-installed equipment, including the manufacturer's name and the model designation of each appliance,

(f) a reference to the Roof Load Zone and Wind Zone Load to which the home was designed,

(h) and the name of the agency that approved the design.

(Source: www.hud.gov)

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