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Video: Project Approvals - Online Project Tracking Nexus Demo

This is a demo of the online project tracking component of the Nexus Analytix website. The project tracking feature of our website provides client interaction and project tracking, in real time, with the staff and collaborators for larger projects, including: FNMA, FHA, VA and USDA condominium (condo) project approvals, FHA condo certification and builder approval services.


We can design a condominium project approval process that will satisfy your builder clients and provide a marketing edge with more mortgage financing options. Please fell free to contact Nexus Analytixâ„¢ at, Phone: (856) 985-0008 or e-mail.


Expert Skills

FHA Approved Appraiser
with 25+ years of Qualifications and Experience

Home Appraisal, Inspection and Valuation

Certified Appraiser
SCGREA General Appraiser as Staff Supervisor

Condo Project Approvals
for FHA/HUD, VA, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac