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How can I get a condominium project (unit) FHA approved?

The guidelines for submission of Condos are set forth in HUD Handbook 4150.1 Rev-1, Chapter 11. Generally, the necessary documentation is submitted to HUD by a mortgage lender and/or condo project approval service (Nexus Analytix). Since most mortgage lenders or a condo project approval service (Nexus Analytix) are familiar with the information necessary for HUD to process the request, HUD recommends that individuals, buyers and builders, use the services of a lender to make the submission.

Nexus Analytix provides condo project approval services to lenders and builders who need the professional services and do not have the expertise or staff available to handle the condominium approval package internally.   REQUEST: Quote/Proposal for Condominium (Condo) Project Approval


We can work with a lender, builder or condominium association to guide them through the condominium approval requirements. Please fell free to contact Nexus Analytix™ at, Phone: (856) 985-0008 or e-mail to discuss our condominium (condo) project approval services. 


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