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Frank Heil Moderates NAIFA Conference Program

Francis "Frank" C. Heil III, Nexus Analytix President and Director, will be the moderator for the "Appraising Under IRS Rules" at the 2013 NAIFA Educational Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey on April 09 - 10, 2013.

This program will have four panel speakers addressing issues prepared for the IRS or to be used by the IRS. The speakers include a Jeffery Otteau, IFA Appraiser Expert, Joseph G. Dolan Esquire and Michael Gregory, Consultant and former IRS Territory manager.Topics of the presentation include:

  • IRS Statutes, Rules & Guidance
  • Recent Cases
  • Industry Interpretations of Cases
  • "Triggers" for IRS Examinations
  • Appraisal Engagement Process
  • IRS Classification Process
  • IRS Valuation Issues
  • Use of M&E, BV and RE Appraisers
  • IRS Appraisal review
  • Penalties on Appraisers

Additional information and registration information is available at: www.njnaifa.com


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