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Residential, condo, multi-family, REO, land, farm, commercial, industrial and mobile home.


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Condo & PUD approvals, builder certification, construction exhibits and master appraisals.


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Insurance, loss mitigation, REO, property damage and construction disbursements.

Blue Acres Program Appraiser

Heil Appraisals / Nexus Analytix is proud to be part of the Blue Acres Program as an appraisal service vendor. Our goal is to provide independent valuation services for our clients that are credible and supported with credible market data. We recognize the stressful events that property owners have endured, and hole to be part of a successful solution. All Blue Acres acquisitions must be from willing sellers; it is not a mandatory participation program.



Blue Acres is a division of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJ-DEP) / Green Acres Program. The program was created with the passage of the Green Acres, Farmland, Historic Preservation and Blue Acres Bond Act of 1995. One hundred twenty-two municipalities and eight counties are eligible to apply for CBA funds. Coastal area lands eligible for purchase with Blue Acres funds can be lands anywhere on a coastal barrier island, lands within 150 feet landward of the mean high water line of any tidal water, or lands within 150 feet of the landward limit of a beach or dune. This is a voluntary program buying homes from willing sellers.



To successfully accomplish and fulfill the goals of Blue Acres Program, appraisals are required to be prepared in accordance with the strict appraisal guidelines. All reports are reviewed by Staff of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJ-DEP) for adherence to the program standards and Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). NJ-DEP maintains a list of appraisers that are eligible to perform appraisal services on behalf of the state.


NJ-DEP Super Storm/Hurricane Sandy Blue Acres Acquisition Program

DEP’s Sandy Blue Acres Program, the State will spend $300 million in federal funds to give Property owners the option to sell Sandy‐damaged homes in flood‐prone areas. The program was designed to give the owners the ability to choose the best option for their individual situation. The State will seek to buy clusters of homes or whole neighborhoods that were damaged by Super Storm Sandy. After the purchase, the homes will be demolished and removed. The land will be permanently preserved as open space, accessible to the public, for recreation or conservation. The overall goal of the Blue Acres Program is to dramatically reduce the risk of future catastrophic flood damage, and to help families to move out of harm’s way. We have performed appraisals for the Blue Acres Program in the following communities:

  • Sayreville, Middlesex County, NJ
  • South River, Middlesex County, NJ
  • Woodbridge, Middlesex County, NJ
  • Bay Point, Bridgeton, Lawrence Township, Cumberland County, NJ
Appraisal Services

Nexus Analytix™ provides appraisal services for a wide array of clients.

Including: Full appraisals, restricted use appraisals, valuation services, reviews and many others.

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