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Real Estate AppraiserNexus Analytix™ provides appraisal services for a wide array of clients. All appraisal reports are completed by well qualified Appraisers who are in compliance with State and Federal licensing and/or certification requirements and with the USPAP, FIRREA, FHA/HUD and FHLMC/FNMA compliance guidelines.

Every appraisal report receives an electronic review as well as a compliance review reviewed by the staff of Nexus Analytix.™ The staff reviewer has the ability to verify compliance with specific requirements established by each client. We have the ability to customize report and services to satisfy our client’s needs. Please contact our staff at Nexus Analytix™ to discuss you appraisal solutions. Following is a small sample of the appraisal service offerings. Full Appraisal Interior & Exterior Inspection Services

Limited Scope Valuations ("Drive-by / Exterior" Valuations)

Review Appraisal Services Additional Services
  • FHA/HUD (1-4 Family) Appraisal
  • Mobile/Manufactured Home Appraisal

We are currently expanding our real estate appraisal department.  Nexus Analytix™ can provide a large range of real estate appraisal services to small to large mortgage lending clients.  Please fell free to contact Nexus Analytix™ at, Phone: (856) 985-0008 or e-mail.


Expert Skills

FHA Approved Appraiser
with 25+ years of Qualifications and Experience

Home Appraisal, Inspection and Valuation

Certified Appraiser
SCGREA General Appraiser as Staff Supervisor

Condo Project Approvals
for FHA/HUD, VA, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac