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Who owns the Appraisal Report performed on a property?

Owner of Appraisal ReportEvery real estate appraisal report is required to identify the “intended user” and the “intended use” of that report. The owner of the appraisal report is the identified intended user unless specifically extended to other parties at the time of appraisal service engagement. Lenders using appraisals for financing purposes order and own the appraisal report. This is true, even in the cases when a borrower pays the appraiser directly for their services.

The borrower is entitled to a copy of the report, as defined in the federal "Truth in Lending" guidelines, and is usually included with the other closing documents. The borrower, or any other party, is NOT entitled to use the report for any other purpose without permission from the lender and appraiser.

A property owner that engages an appraiser directly for marketing purposes would be an exception to this rule. However, the use and distribution of the report or contents will be restricted to the individual that engages the service.Other uses, such as estate, divorce, tax appeal, bankruptcy, condemnation, PMI removal and others will require a specific “intended user” (client) to be identified at the time of engagement.

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