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Divorce and Family Court Appraisals

Divorce and Family Court are serious matters and often require the services of a well qualified real estate appraiser. Not only do you need an appraiser who is capable of preparing a quality appraisal report, but your appraiser should also have the ability to act as a credible expert witness and be capable to assist the attorney in preparing for court.

Nexus Analytix™ appraisers have performed these services for attorneys, plaintiffs and judges that are involved in these matters. The plaintiffs are often under stress due to the complexity and drama associated with the process. We try to be sensitive with these conditions while maintaining professionalism. The outcome of an appraisal often leads the decision to sell or one of the plaintiffs buying out the interest of the other.

In some cases, when the plaintiffs cannot agree on the price or when appraisers representing the opposing plaintiffs, court appearances from an appraisers may be required. We prepare all appraisals to heightened professional standards in anticipation of this possibility. Appraisal reports for divorce or family court purposes should not be the same as those used for mortgage financing purposes.

Since every case is unique, special care should be made to provide the appraiser with adequate instructions at the time on service engagement, including; the client, intended user, intended use, ownership interests, specific court instructions as well as all relevant information on the subject property. The ethics provision of the Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) among other things, binds the appraiser with confidentiality to insure full discretion.

Contact a Nexus Analytix™ staff member for a written proposal and fee quote for an appraisal for divorce or family court purposes, at: e-mail or phone: (856) 985-0008.


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