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1 Which home renovations add the most to the homes value? 1247
2 Is FHA no longer accepting applications from state licensed appraisers to become approved ? 1284
3 What is an appraisal comparable sale or lease? 1302
4 What does an appraisal report contain? 1302
5 What are the typical steps to clean up a home oil tank leak? 1307
6 What are the types of interest held in real estate? 1334
7 What are the the required qualifications of an appraiser? 1345
8 What are the new construction documentation requirements for FHA property appraisals of 90% or more complete? 1348
9 What are the types of real estate value? 1367
10 What is the definition of real estate Market Value? 1372
11 What are the "three approaches to value" in a real estate appraisal? 1446
12 Can you perform a Comp Check or Pre-Comp ? 1573
13 Must an appraiser inspect the homes attic area? 1597
14 How is the Highest and Best Use of a real estate proterty determined? 1612
15 How can a property owner identify a potential oil storage tank leak? 1625
16 How do I dispute the Appraisal Value? 1890
17 Who owns the Appraisal Report performed on a property? 1984
18 What are the inspection requirements of a snow covered roof? 2151
19 What is USPAP (Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice) and its origin? 2498
20 What is the Scope of Work of a real estate appraisal? 2647
21 What are the limitations on an appraisers license and property type? 2712
22 What are the different types of Factory-Built homes? 2720
23 Does FHA/HUD require a roof certification for a home with a flat roof? 3287
24 Is a well located in the basement acceptable for FHA financing? 3424
25 What is a Data Plate for a manufactured (mobile) home? 4044

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