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1 What are my options for financing the purchase of a manufactured home? 1121
2 Can an individual condominium unit be FHA insured financed in a Non-FHA approved project ? 1199
3 What are the minimum requirements for FHA / HUD financing of a manufactured home ? 1232
4 How can I get a condominium project (unit) FHA approved? 1268
5 What are the FHA/HUD requirements for Mortgage Lenders to safegard real estate appraiser independance? 1359
6 Does FHA/HUD require recertification of condominium (condo) project approvals? 1595
7 What is the FHA/HUD condominium (condo) unit "Spot Loan" approval process? 1660
8 Can the repairs of a VA (Veterans Administration) appraisal or NOV (Notice of Value) be waived? 1691
9 Does the DE Underwriter has the authority to waive cosmetic repairs listed on the FHA appraisal ? 1754
10 How do I find out if a condominium (condo) project (unit) is FHA approved? 1898
11 What process do I need to go through to convert a HUD/FHA appraisal to a VA appraisal? 2072
12 Under what circumstances can a lender order a second FHA appraisal? 2161
13 Can I finance a Manufactured Home built before June 15, 1976 with FHA insured financing ? 2203
14 Must a condominium project be VA approved before a single unit is eligible for VA Loan Guaranty? 2265
15 What are FHA's Flood Insurance Requirements ? 2964
16 If hookup to public water is available, must the homeowner do it to obtain FHA insured financing? 3067
17 Can an FHA Appraisal be transfered from one lender to another lender? 3267
18 Is an engineer's report (certification) still required to obtain FHA insured for manufactured homes? 3441
19 What are the FHA/HUD requirements regarding the fees of an Appraisal Management Company (AMC) or Third Party Organization? 3824
20 What are the new construction documentation requirements for lenders on FHA new construction loans ? 6586
21 What is the procedure for transferring a VA appraisal from one lender to another? 13045

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